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  • Fiona Stanley Hospital is located in Murdoch, 15 kms south of the Perth CBD. The 783-bed hospital includes the 140-bed State rehabilitation service, a 30-bed purpose-built mental health unit and the State burns service.
  • Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is an 855-bed teaching hospital located on the northeastern edge of the CBD of Perth, Western Australia.
  • Handling over 76,000 admissions annually, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital has 600 beds, and treats approximately 420,000 patients each year. As of 2012 some 5,500 staff are employed.
  • KEMH is part of the Women and Newborn Health Service (WNHS) and cares for women of all ages and life stages and newborns. It is WA’s main public obstetric, gynaecology, perinatal mental health and neonatal hospital.
  • An anaesthetic technician is an allied healthcare worker who assists with the administration and monitoring of anaesthesia and has an extensive knowledge of anaesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies, and technology.
  • Anaesthetic technicians are involved with all aspects of the delivery of a patient's perioperative anaesthetic care, taking into account religious and cultural beliefs and respecting their right to medical privacy and dignity at all times.

Welcome to the AOTP

The Association of Operating Theatre Practitioners (formerly WA Society of Anaesthesia Techs.) was established in 1972 to unite Anaesthesia Technicians in WA. All members are required to abide by the AOTP Code of Ethics which have been promoted for the benefit of members and patients. Click to view or download the AOTP constitution.
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Attention all An-Techs/Nurses/Assistants

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aotp education day 2015Hi all, we recently had an education day at Bunbury which was very successful, as the temperature outside was 38 degrees +, it was a great air-conditioned place to be!!

We are now have access for our members to be able to access the talks on our website, but obviously this will be after the event, and you won’t be able to ask questions or use it for your continuing professional development (CPD). Any problems with the members portal please contact Secretary @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CPD will become more important in the future and you should ensure you have a portfolio with your attendance at education sessions included in it. Again for the future, we will try and put something on our website for our members giving guidance on putting your portfolio together for your performance appraisals.

Central TAFE simulated lab for trainees

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simulated labCentral Tafe has now included a simulated lab for the Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians to get the real feel for the operating room atmosphere. It is a space on campus dedicated to group training activities that imitate or simulate techniques, procedures, or situations that students will see and experience in the future.

The objective of the simulation room sessions is to complement knowledge acquired in the classroom through simulated actions where students rehearse procedures and situations before having to perform them in real life situations.

<-- Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of Central TAFE's simulated lab.

Education Funding Guidelines

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Education Funding GuidelinesIt was decided at the June 2015 meeting, by the AOTP Committee, that funds would be transferred from the General Fund to the Educational Fund on an annual basis as required. These funds will be made available to all financial members of the AOTP to assist in attendance at conferences, educational events and meetings.

To apply for funding an "Application For Funding" form should be completed and submitted to the Committee.   
The Committee must receive the completed application form at least two months before the date of the event requiring funding. A limit of $200 per member has been set and only ten applications will be granted in any one financial year. Members will only be eligible for a maximum of $200 within a period of 24 months.  
Click here to download the "Application For Funding" form
Click here to download a copy of the AOTP Education Funding Guidelines