Review - Christmas Extravaganza with the AOTP

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xmas extravaganza 2016On Saturday the 12 November the AOTP held their Christmas Extravaganza study day at the gorgeous Windsor Hotel in South Perth.

The day was well attended with 42 members present. It all started with coffee in the quaint lecture room.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances Professor Fiona Wood was unable to deliver her presentation however our President Roy Wyatt delivered an interesting session reflecting back on how things used to be in anaesthetics and gaspipe testing standards (using a white cloth …). We then moved onto a session delivered by Joseph Carpini who gave a very energetic overview of current research into team briefings and the projects at Fiona Stanley & King Edwards Hospital that he was currently involved in. Joseph filled the room with his passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

We then broke for coffee and were given an opportunity to visit the trade stands from Medtronic, Meditech, Edwards Life Sciences, Teleflex, Health Technology and Parker Healthcare, in the gorgeous garden bar. We returned to listen to Andrea Reville who gave an overview of the Diploma of Anaesthetics new course. Andrea was able to answer a number of questions relating to the course, students expectations and the facilities available.

Then Brendon Robb from the Workforce Planning and Development Department took us through the fascinating process of registration and regulation as experienced recently by the paramedics in Australia. He was then able to relate it to Anaesthetic Technicians and what would be needed to start the process. Dr De-Wet Van Riet Consultant Anaesthetist then delivered a very moving session following his recent works with the Rafiki Surgical Mission in Tanzania. He explained the challenges, logistics, tears and laughter involved in the mission. He described a “false sense of tranquillity” and how quickly this changed once the work began with the realities of equipment availability in a third world country. He made us laugh with the scavenging system which consisted of a piece of tubing placed out of an open window hoping the wind was blowing in the right direction. He finished the session with some moving photos that showed why it was all worth it.

We then returned to garden bar for a delightful lunch and beverages. After lunch Sandy Rutherford closed the day with a vibrant and passionate session sharing her experiences as a student and the transition to being a qualified Anaesthetic Technician. She shared memories about some of her difficult days and many of her amazing days.

Just before the day ended the draw took place for the door prizes and three people went away very happy with the two Christmas hampers and the bottle of wine. We then returned to the garden bar for deserts, cheese and biscuits and a complimentary drink before heading home.