Presidents Report

AOTPJune is traditionally a quiet month for the AOTP, consolidating for the coming year’s events.  

The local ANZCA have recently had their annual change of committee, and we have managed to make contact with two consultants willing to join our association, in a liaison capacity between the two groups.  Dr Scott Douglas and Dr John Martyr (WA ANZCA Chairperson) have accepted our offer of honorary membership 2016/2017.  Our many thanks to outgoing liaison consultants, Dr Ian Maddox and Dr Richard Riley. 

The Association of Operating Theatre Practitioners is currently looking for enthusiastic members interested in assisting the executive in the running of the association.

In particular we are looking for someone to assist the Treasurer and Secretary with their workload, with a view that one day they may be interested in taking over these substantive position.

Taking a position on the executive can appear an onerous task, and this assisting role will enable those interested parties the chance to ease into the position without fear of failure in the future.

Happy Christmas in July.

Roy Wyatt,
AOTP President